I have the following message structures that compiles smoothly in protoc.exe
message MessageBase {
    extensions 2;
    required Header header = 1;

message Message1 {
  extends MessageBase {
    optional Message1 message = 2;
  optional int32 id = 1;

message Message2 {
  extends MessageBase {
    optional Message2 message = 2;
  optional int32 count = 1;

What is the fastest way to encode and decode Message1 and Message2?

Let's assume that from Header field, we can know if message is Message1 or 
Message2 instance. So far I have the following code (in Java):

Header header = M3apMessage.parseFrom( data ).getHeader();
switch( header.getMessageType ){
  case Message1:
    //How to decode the rest of the bytes as stated in Message1 structure

  case Message2:
    //How to decode the rest of the bytes as stated in Message2 structure

Thanks in advance!

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