Comment #3 on issue 315 by erroneous duplicate definition error if imported file in subdirectory

When I use protoc to generate /nested_extension.proto from source(version 2.5.0), I get the error message: exec] protobuf/java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto:39:9: "protobuf_unittest.MessageToBeExtended" is already defined in file "com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto". [exec] protobuf/java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto:43:9: "protobuf_unittest.MyNonNestedExtension" is already defined in file "com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto". [exec] protobuf/java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto:47:33: "protobuf_unittest.nonNestedExtension" is already defined in file "com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto". [exec] protobuf/java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto:46:8: "protobuf_unittest.MessageToBeExtended" seems to be defined in "com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto", which is not imported by "protobuf/java/src/test/java/com/google/protobuf/non_nested_extension.proto". To use it here, please add the necessary import

How can I fix it?

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