Is this grammar now officially available and supported somewhere?

On Sunday, 13 July 2008 09:20:16 UTC+2, Alek Storm wrote:
> Okay, here is the revised grammar.  Kenton, can we make this official 
> somehow?  Not just because it's mostly my work (okay, kinda), but because 
> it's the *reference* grammar for the language.  It can't just stay in a 
> Groups thread; nobody will find it.  Perhaps a link to it in the 'Language 
> Guide' page?  Or posted there in full?  Developers need something official 
> so they can be confident that their implementations match.  And if the spec 
> changes in the future, it's a lot easier to just check the new grammar.
> Because line breaks got mangled in my first post, I've included this one 
> as an attachment.

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