So, I have a unit test where I'm trying to ensure that encoding and 
decoding is sound. Basically, I kind of want to be able to serialize 
multiple different C++ objects into a string, and then write that string 
into a file. This is what I have so far:

Here's my .proto file:

message Register {
    required string regname = 1;
    required uint64 regvalue = 2;

message RegisterContext {
    repeated Register elem = 1;

message MemoryRegion {
    repeated bytes elem = 1;

message Image {
    required string imgName = 1;
    required MemoryRegion Memory = 2;
    required uint64 MemStart = 3;
    required uint64 MemEnd = 4;
    required bool isMain = 5;

message MemoryRegions {
    repeated Image elem = 1;

message MemoryDump {
    required RegisterContext context = 1;
    required MemoryRegions state = 2;

And I have language vernacular style representation objects that help me 
use them as I would normally.
//name, value
using reg=std::tuple<std::string, uint64_t>;
using reg_context=std::list<reg >;
using mem_region=std::string;
//name, memory, start, end, ismain
using image=std::tuple<std::string, mem_region, uint64_t, uint64_t, bool>;
using mem_region_set=std::list<image >;
using memory_dump=std::tuple<reg_context, mem_region_set>;

TEST(SerializationTests, test_contiguous_memory_differentiated) {
  mem_region region="\x25\x26\x27";
  image i1{std::make_tuple(std::string("img1"), region, 0, 1, false)},
    i2{std::make_tuple(std::string("img2"), region+"\x28", 0, 1, false)},
      i3{std::make_tuple(std::string("img3"), region+"\x29", 0, 1, false)};
  mem_region_set regions1{i1, i2, i3}, regions2{i1, i3};
  auto serialized_regions1=serialize_memory_regions(regions1);
  auto serialized_regions2=serialize_memory_regions(regions2);
  std::stringstream ss;
  ss << *serialized_regions1 << *serialized_regions2;
  auto concatenated=ss.str();
  auto deserialized_region1=unpack_memory_regions(concatenated);
  ASSERT_EQ(deserialized_region1, regions1);
  auto deserialized_region2=unpack_memory_regions(concatenated);
  ASSERT_EQ(deserialized_region2, regions2);

How do I serialize multiple objects so that, whether I put them into a 
string stream or a ofstream, they come back out as being distict? The test 
that I run here results in deserialized_region1/2 each having 5 total 
images, merely i1, i2, i3, i1, i3

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