I'm having a problem with a very basic situation. Using this simple proto 

package Implib;

message IMPLIB_out {
 optional string dll = 1;
 optional string cfg = 2;

This test works fine:


 std::string cfg = outp.cfg();
 std::string dll = outp.dll();

 printf("cfg:%s\n", cfg.c_str() );
 printf("dll:%s\n", dll.c_str() );

Output is fine, as expected:


When I pass my buffer into my DLL and use the same set functions from 
within my DLL, the results are:

  cfg: B
  dll: B

*BOTH strings will get set to whatever I set the final string...????? Even 
if I check immediately after settings I will see this.*

Things work fine when using int32's. Things also work fine if I use an 
intermediary message like:

message IMPLIB_out {
 message Test {
   optional string dll = 1;
   optional string cfg = 2;
 required Test test = 3;

I pass my buffer to the dll using a function like:

static IMPLIBFUNCSDLL_API IMPLIB_ECODE import(Implib::IMPLIB_out& outp ); 

The same problem exists if I pass by pointer.

I can work around this problem, but I'd really appreciate if someone could 
shed some light here.



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