I'm looking at the current master branch and see that there is a "lazy" 
option for Protobuf fields. I have two questions regarding this feature in 

   1. Has "lazy" already been implemented in the public version of 
   Protobuf? If so, in which version? (I know from this post 
   <https://groups.google.com/d/msg/protobuf/G9Jhv_xrxqg/vJ68cOPAMqsJ> that 
   in May 2014, the feature was not yet publicly available.)
   2. Let's say I have a Protobuf message with a lazy repeated field with 
   10,000 elements. If I retrieve the second and the third element of that 
   repeated field and set the repeated field to a list containing these two, 
   will the other 49,998 elements be parsed in the current implementation? If 
   yes, are there plans to optimize such a use case?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or pointers!

– Kaspar

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