I have some protobuf schemas I want to import, but they are defined in the 
default package (i.e. without a package), and I am not able to use them for 

e.g. schema1.proto:
message A {
  optional string x = 1;

I am not able to use A as a submessage in schema2.proto:

import "schema1.proto"
message B {
  optional A a = 1;

The generated code (java output) does not compile due to this statement in 

    new com.google.protobuf.Descriptors.FileDescriptor[] {
    }, assigner);

-> there is a dangling dot in the 4th line.

I'd expect to have just Schema1 in this case, instead of .Schema1 with does 
not compile.

Is this expected behaviour? I can reproduce it with protobuf 2.6 and 3.0

Note that if I specify a package in schema1.proto things work fine.



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