Hello Protobuf team,

first of all thank you for your great Job. We have been internally using 
protobuf in a big financial software company for a while and is has proven 
to be the best choice so far.
As our need for multiplatform is growing, we have modified Protobuf and 
added some features.
We reached a point where we though about sharing our need features and see 
if they can be integrated into the Protobuf mainline.
Here are the features : 

   - Generate a new interface for mutable proto objects: 
   - Write interfaces (*OrBuilder and *.IBuilder) into separate files. This 
   allows us to package interfaces into a standalone jar that can be 
   referenced from modules that don't need to depend on the implementation.
   - Generate services for protobuf nano: we have an Android client using 
   our internal RPC system built around protobuf services.
   - Be able to serialize and parse Proto objects to and from JSON strings. 
   It seems this feature is partially implemented in proto3.
   - Generate GWT overlays and create a gwt-compatible protobuf jar (like 
   the guava-gwt jar). The gwt-compatible protobuf only has the protobuf nano 

We have been exchanging with Ray Cromwell at the GWT.create conference this 
year and it seems that some teams at Google have developed there own JSON 
parser and overlay generator.

Are those features relevant for integration into the protobuf mainline ?



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