We are using protobuf as our messaging, and each message, we loop thru the 
set fields, and do something with it.

We loop it using

    for ( final Map.Entry<Descriptors.FieldDescriptor, Object> entry : 
msg.getAllFields().entrySet()) {
            FieldDescriptor field = entry.getKey();
            Object value = entry.getValue();

Under profiler, we found that this GetAllFields uses most of the time, and 
I did some research, and it looks like there is no other way.

I know that we can use do something like this:

    for ( final FieldDescriptor field : msg.getDescriptorForType().getFields()) 
        if (!msg.hasField(field)){
        Object value = message.getField(field);

But getDescriptorForType returns all the fields rather than just the set 

Does anyone know of another better performing way to loop thru the fields? 
I believe the problem with getAllFields are creating a new map each time, 
and also reflection. Can i force it to use Trove map inside rather than a 
regular hashmap?


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