Hi, everyone.

I have a vague idea of the purpose and common usage of the protobuf Any 

Our team use java protobuf library.
We try to describe domain we're working on in protobuf terms and use Any as 
wrapper for unknown messages on compile time.

In some fields we keep Any as general type for any message so we do 
wrapping like this:

Any result = Any.newBuilder()

to wrap our messages and later unwrap them and cast to certain message type.
We don't like fact that we use Java className as the type url, but didn't 
find better way yet.

We would like to put there protobuf message name:


but we didn't find nice way to parse such Any object back to certain 

We also tried to find more documentation on Any type and understand what is 
the common usage of it.
Looks like there should be some utility methods to work with Any but they 
are not implemented yet.

Can anyone from google share their vision about usage of Any or point to 
documentation if we missed something there?
If anyone did use protobuf Any type and can make examples from own 
experience it would be also very useful.

Thanks in advance!

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