message HealthOccurrenceCount{
    required int64 HealthID=1; 
    required int32 OccCount=2; 
    optional bytes wci=3;}

I would like to add data based on HealthID, If HealthID is already entered 
then shouldnot add the new entry instead should just increment the 

HealthOccurrenceCount objHelthOccCount;if(objHelthOccCount.healthid() == 
healthID) // Is this right or  I need to iterate all the nodes.{
    objHelthOccCount.set_occcount(occCount);  }else       
    occCount = 1;   

Is this code correct or I should convert "HealthID" into string. Please 
give some input.

Generated Code

// required int64 HealthID = 1;inline bool has_healthid() const;inline void 
clear_healthid();static const int kHealthIDFieldNumber = 1;inline 
::google::protobuf::int64 healthid() const;inline void 
set_healthid(::google::protobuf::int64 value);

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