I am getting this "Truncated string." error quite a lot during my decoding 
of string field. 

The problem is the end of the buffer, calculations say size is 32 but at 
the end of the string, it only has to look for 32877. 
The position where this error occurs is position 90 (in my example) on the 
buffer which happens to be a string. The size that I see in return (in 
protobuf code) is 32 which means the code is probably converting it into 
ascii instead of regular string. As a side note this problem happens when I 
am using RabbitMQ to receive the data but not when I serialize and 
deserialize the data within the same code. Also, even after I receive, the 
data is exactly the same - with the same hex codes and length of the string 
itself but it just refuses to work. I have been struggling with this since 
a while now and will appreciate any further input as I want to use protobuf 
for my serialization. 

Here's the log around the issue. 

  File ".../python2.7/site-packages/google/protobuf/internal/decoder.py", 
line 521, in DecodeField
    raise _DecodeError('----------- Truncated string. buffer[] = {} \n\t 
new_pos={}; end={}; size={}; pos={}; \n Locals={}'.format(buffer[pos:], 
new_pos, end, size, pos, locals()))
DecodeError: ----------- Truncated string. buffer[] = 32877 
     new_pos=123; end=96; size=32; pos=91; 
 Locals={'key': <google.protobuf.descriptor.FieldDescriptor object at 
0x7fdac9600e10>, 'end': 96, 'field_dict': {<google.protobuf.descriptor.
FieldDescriptor object at 0x7fdac9600c90>: <core_pb2.InstrumentId object at 
0x7fdac4494140>, <google.protobuf.descriptor.FieldDescriptor object at 
0x7fdac9600d50>: <mkt_pb2.MarketInfoL1 object at 0x7fdac44942a8>, <google.
protobuf.descriptor.FieldDescriptor object at 0x7fdac9600cd0>: <core_pb2.
DateTime object at 0x7fdac4494230>, <google.protobuf.descriptor.
FieldDescriptor object at 0x7fdac9600d10>: 1}, 'new_pos': 123L, 'buffer': 
32877', 'pos': 91L, 'local_DecodeVarint': <function DecodeVarint at 
0x7fdac980b0c8>, 'message': <box_pb2.RawTick object at 0x7fdac4492de8>, 
'_ConvertToUnicode': <function _ConvertToUnicode at 0x7fdac970ecf8>, 'size': 

I modified the *google/protobuf/internal/decoder.py* file to create that 
log so that I can see what's happening but I could only go so far.

515     def DecodeField(buffer, pos, end, message, field_dict):
516       print('++++++++++++++Truncated string. buffer[] = {} \n\t end={}; 
pos={}; \n Locals={}'.format(buffer, end, pos, locals()))
517       (size, pos) = local_DecodeVarint(buffer, pos)
518       # size = 1
519       new_pos = pos + size
520       if new_pos > end:
521           raise _DecodeError('----------- Truncated string. buffer[] = 
{} \n\t new_pos={}; end={}; size={}; pos={}; \n Locals={}'.format(buffer[pos
:], new_pos, end, size, pos, locals()))
522       field_dict[key] = _ConvertToUnicode(buffer[pos:new_pos])
523       return new_pos
524     return DecodeField

Thank you for your time. 

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