I have decided to use protobuf because it looked like cool and well 
documented, I've learned almost everything from it (past almost 4 days on 
Google's tutorials), but now I begin to regret my choice.

First of all those are my tools :
* My implementation language : C++
* Operating System : Windows 7 (sorry guys)
* IDE : Qt Creator (Community) with MinGW included in it.
* protobuf : currently stable release 2.6.1

My steps : 

   1. I have followed Google's tutorial here : 
   2. I have downloaded protoc for Windows and source code here (currently 
   stable release 2.6.1) : 
   3. I have generated my .proto thanks to protoc and obtained my 
   "file.pb.h" and "file.pb.cc".
   4. I have integrated those two files into my Qt project.
   5. I have tried to compile my project... and here problems comming !

My problem :
I have *huge dependency problems *because everytime I want to compile 
there's a missing dependency !

First this following dependency is missing from my "file.pb.h" 
    => #include <google/protobuf/stubs/common.h>

Let's think about it... *Google's tutorial don't even mention this 
dependency problem*... but I know this file because I have already seen it 
somewhere in the source code !
So I decide to unzip source code from .tar.gz and integrate the 
"/google/protobuf/" folder in my Qt project... 
I realize that common.h was only a begenning ! Because now it ask me other 
dependencies like "gtest.h" or "config.h" !

My gut tells me that I would never had this integration problem if I used 
Maven with Java but let's forget this personal detail... please help me, I 
am stucked with all those dependency problems. What is the standard way to 
solve this integration problem under Windows ?


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