I have a simple .proto file like this:
syntax = "proto3";
package test;
message RowInfo {
    string key = 1;
    map<string, string> fields = 2;
My program needs to serialize RowInfo and save the serialized  string into 
queue. Consumer will get the serialized  string  and  deserialize it as 
RowInfo . In my test.cpp :
#include "prototest/test.pb.h"
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    using namespace test;
    RowInfo row;
    ::google::protobuf::Map< ::std::string, ::std::string >* pmap = 
    std::string str;
    row.SerializeToString(&str); // 将对象序列化到字符串
    RTRowInfo test;
    ::google::protobuf::Map< ::std::string, ::std::string > map1  = 
    printf("key:%s name:%s\n",test.key().c_str(),map1["name"].c_str());
    return 0;
    I have to use mutable_fields method  which return a 
::google::protobuf::Map< ::std::string, ::std::string >*  to 
assign RowInfo, is there a way to assign RowInfo more convenient and 
   Another question is about deserialization, it seems work in my test.cpp 
, is this a right way to do deserialization.

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