I really like using protobuf but I cannot find a way to make this one case 

I need to define a base, lets call it Transaction. Each message could be 
implemented differently so my original implementation was

message Transaction{
    oneof type {
        NTx n = 1;
        TTx tx = 2;

message NTx {
    required string something_else;

message TTx {
    required string soemthing;

Now I need people outside of the project to extend Transaction.
I realised that oneof can't be extended so I moved to doing

message Transaction {
    enum /* ... */

This is starting to get chaotic. So I moved to 

message Transaction {
    required int32 tx_type = 1;
    extensions 100 to max;

message NTx {
    extend Transaction {
        optional int32 tx_type = 101;
    optional string something = 1;

This also is horrible to work with due to how extensions work in Java.

I really need some help.

I need a way of a generic transaction envelope. Then I need end users to define 
their own transaction types with arbitrary data in it.

And it could be two or three client modules combined together. If anyone could 
help me I would be grateful. 

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