We have been using QByteArray data = m_networkReply->readAll(); to get the 
complete response of REST API called. 

In data variable we have complete response in proto format which we pass to 
get it parsed using ParseFromCodedStream function.

ReadingResp m_RdListRes;

::google::protobuf::io::ZeroCopyInputStream* stringIn = new 
::google::protobuf::io::ArrayInputStream(data, data.size());
::google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream* inReader = new 
inReader->SetTotalBytesLimit(512 << 20, 256 << 20);

if (m_RdListRes.ParseFromCodedStream( inReader ))
std::cout << "[DEBUG]\tDeserializing from String : Success\n" << std::endl;
std::cout << "[ERROR]\tDeserializing from String : Failed\n" << std::endl;

whereas ReadingResp has repeated pair of messages.

For ex. 

message StrSnMap {
repeated StrSnInfoPair pairs = 1;
message ReadingResp {
optional RdingLstResp rding_lst_resp = 1;
optional StrSnMap sn_map = 2;
repeated ReadingLst rding_lst = 3;

When there is only one StrSnMap it is parsed successfully. But when, in a 
response there are multiple StrSnMap, it fails in parsing. 
In debugging I found it fails in expectTag(26) function. What is 
expectTag(26) and how the tag is created? 

Could anyone please assist me on this? Many Thanks in Advance. Early 
response is appreciated :)

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