I am writing a gRPC NodeJS Client to communicate with a server service. I 
am getting the response back from my request, however the response is 
contains message data of 'any.proto' type. What is the proper way to handle 
unpacking this data within my NodeJS code?

Just to give some background I have a User proto object that was created, 
here is the response:

response : {
  result: {
    type_url = "type.googleapis.com/User",
    value = Uint8Array[5]
  validationErrors = [ ]

In Java there exists the pack( ) and unpack( ) methods to handle this 
process ensuring type-safety. Are there any helpers that are similar for 

I note from this Language Guide link 
<https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/proto3?hl=en> (about 
50% down the page in "Any" section) it states  *"*Currently the runtime 
libraries for working with Any types are under development*." *So I am 
curious if what I'm asking for doesn't exist, will such a feature be added 
in the future as part of this active development.

Thanks ahead of time.


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