I pretty new to protobuf, but I already got the basics and compiled all my 
definitions in a single file to a Java class called "Proto". I wanted to 
split the definitions into separate files, mainly to get the advantage of 
being able to include them into a Latex document separately for 
documentation purposes.

Having all definitions in separate files results one of the following 

*1) Compiling into separate files:*

Classes are in a separate "proto" package, but are always inner classes of 

TemplateOuterClass.Template template = 

*2) Compiling into one file:*

Setting "option java_outer_classname = "Proto";" results in:

edu/.../proto/ Tried to write the same file twice.

*Is there any way having separate files but one outer class named "Proto" 
just like when all definitions are in one file with "option 
java_outer_classname = "Proto";"?*

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