For context, we are using proto3 messages as our main data model and we
are exporting some messages to Google BigQuery.

In order to automate things a bit we wrote a protoc plugin
to generate bigquery schemas automatically from our .proto files,
and given that BigQuery objects are just json, we use JsonFormat to
translate messages directly into json.

This is pretty much fantastic, except for the only fact that we would like
some of our int64 fields to be int64 fields in BigQuery, thus we must rely
on a fork of JsonFormat that allows us to write int64 fields as numbers
instead of strings.

Would the proto3 team be opened to having JsonFormat extra options
that would allow for doing that kind of stuff (eg: writing int64 as 

Now I understand that the decision of writing int64 as strings is probably 
of javascript in browsers, however there are various server side json 
libraries that
will happily accept 64bit json numbers (of which BigQuery is one), so that 
kind of
option could make sense...

Thanks a lot,


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