I am new to protocol buffer. Firstly, let me thank the google family for 
this product. To be able to use it more efficiently, I would like to ask a 
few questions regarding the message I create and its size:
I followed the tutorial / example 
at and 
created my own message after having created the necessary .py files out of 
my custom .proto file. 
I create a message using the files that are created after 
compilation and I save the message with the following command in python:  

f = open('sample_data.bin', "wb")

the resulting "sample_data.bin" file can be furthered compressed (via a 
simple windows compression) and we can have memory savings. Is this 
completely normal? OR depending on the protocol buffer profile, no matter 
what compression algorithm you use, the size of the resulting message 
created via the .proto profile cannot be made any smaller.

Or is it wrong of me to think of protocol buffers as a compression 
algorithm ? 
The reason why i am asking is for the application i am working on we 
thought protocol buffers offers the optimal performance in terms of memory 
savings as well

Please let me know if i need to clarify my problem (attach code, etc)


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