I would like to check (via reflection) whether a particular field within a 
oneof. This is the example message:

message Foo {
   oneof Bar {
      int32 A = 1;
      string B = 2;

I browse through the .h and it seems like the only plausible check is to 
examine it via Foo.GetReflection->HasOneof(), but I found it hardcoded as 
false in message.h:

class LIBPROTOBUF_EXPORT Reflection {
  // Check if the oneof is set. Returns true if any field in oneof
  // is set, false otherwise.
  // TODO(jieluo) - make it pure virtual after updating all
  // the subclasses.
  virtual bool HasOneof(const Message& /*message*/,
                        const OneofDescriptor* /*oneof_descriptor*/) const {
    return false;

Am I missing something? 

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