Well, not technically a leak because the memory eventually does get deleted 
on exit, but for my every call to ParseFromArray() I'm seeing a few hundred 
small allocations which stick around until exit, These add up when I need 
to call ParseFromArray() >100k times and cause quite a memory surge during 
runtime. I think the vast majority of protobuf users would never notice 
this problem.

google::protobuf::ShutdownProtobufLibrary() does not help. 

Is this a known problem? Is there a way to fully cleanup all temporary 
memory allocs during runtime? Am I possibly doing something wrong in my 

debug code:

_CrtMemDumpAllObjectsSince(&s1); // no objects, correct

bool res = outp.ParseFromArray(outbuf, sz);

_CrtMemDumpAllObjectsSince(&s1); // hundreds of small (mainly under 100 
byte) objects that survive the destruction of outp.

TIA -Rob

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