Hi Kevin,

I think gRPC is probably your best bet. It's true that it isn't in GA yet, 
but it's far more mature than any other options I'm aware of for protobuf 

You can't "use" generic services per se. Generic services just provide an 
abstract interface -- someone has to provide an implementation. There 
aren't any mature implementations of abstract services floating around that 
I am aware of.


On Friday, February 5, 2016 at 1:38:03 PM UTC-8, kevin chaves wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm completely new to using protocol buffers and there are some things 
> that aren't very clear. I may be missing something very simple but the 
> documentation says the simple services are being deprecated so you have to 
> turn them on using option cc_generic_services = false;. What is the 
> replacement for this in 3+? I did some digging and it looks like gRPC is a 
> plugin that can also be used to generate code but I'd like to avoid that 
> because it says it's still development builds. Are plugins the only options 
> now?
> Should I still be using the simple services?
> How well does gRPC work? Is there anything I should be concerned about 
> implementing C# client proxy and C++ server? Is that even possible?

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