Thanks a lot for tracking this down. For reference, here it is in our bug 

On Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 3:28:33 AM UTC-8, Ron Ben-Yosef wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the proto3 C++ library compiled in MSVC, and noticed some pretty 
> strange behavior - using the JsonToBinaryString or JsonToBinaryStream 
> functions, values in the upper half of the uint32 range get lost in the 
> transition from JSON to binary.
> After some investigation, it seems the issue's root cause is in the 
> MathUtil::Sign function (called from NumberConvertAndCheck, which is called 
> from DataPiece::GenericConvert, which gets called 
> from DataPiece::ToUint32...)
> When compiled in Release mode (with optimizations) it seems, the ternary 
> condition operator in that function gets optimized incorrectly (the 
> assembly code generated looks as if it's treated as int32 instead of 
> uint32), causing the Sign function to return an incorrect result in the 
> case of those larger uint32 values, which in turn causes a condition in 
> some if statement in NumberConvertAndCheck to evaluate to false when it 
> should be true, thus causing the value to be dropped.
> Now obviously this is not really a protobuf issue, but more likely a 
> compiler bug (opened an issue regarding this with Microsoft 
> <>),
> but since it's likely to be a while until the compiler issue is addressed 
> (if at all) and since protobuf does support MSVC compilers, I would suggest 
> that until then the issue should probably be handled with a workaround in 
> the protobuf code in the meantime, for instance by changing that ternary 
> condition operator to a simple if-else statement (seems to compile 
> correctly, without this issue), or simply removing optimization flags when 
> compiling with VS2010/VS2012/VS2013/VS2015, although this is probably a 
> less desirable solution.
> Thanks,
> Ron

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