I generated xml and protobuf messages and it seems Protobuf message is 3.5 
times smaller than xml for my project.
I am very satisfied :)

However when it comes to *performance, I think I did something wrong..*
I use Spring boot and I have the following methods for Jmeter test.
The XML method below is 4-5 times faster than the Protobuf method. 

      @RequestMapping(value = "/getpbmsg")
ProtobufGeneratedFile.Pojo getPbMsg(@RequestBody Pojo pojo) throws 
IOException {
PojoToProtobufConvertor pbParser = new PojoToProtobufConvertor(pojo);
return pbParser.convertInboxPojo();
@RequestMapping(value = "/getxmlmsg", 
Pojo getXmlMsg(@RequestBody  Pojo pojo) throws IOException {
return pojo;

I convert a pojo to a ProtobufGeneratedFile.Pojo object. 
'ProtobufGeneratedFile' file was generated by 'protoc.exe'.
I produced a protobuf message in the following way,






.map(pojoMsg -> 






I am wondering if this is the most optimized way.
I think there is a better way to convert a pojo to a protobuf message.


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