Currently this isn't supported by the C# protobuf library. There's a Github 
issue for supporting DynamicMessage - which is basically what you'd want - 

It's unlikely that we'll be supporting this for the initial GA release, but 
the more we know about your use case, the better our support is likely to 
be when it comes, so please add more context to the issue.

I note that you sent another message suggesting you'd already created an 
Example.cs file - you could compile that dynamically using Roslyn, but 
that's going in a pretty different direction than dynamic messages within 


On Wednesday, 30 March 2016 06:29:45 UTC+1, Raghu wrote:
> I created a Descriptor file from Example.proto file using the below 
> command.
> .\protoc.exe --proto_path=D:\ExampleProject\ --include_imports 
> D:\ExampleProject\Example.Proto 
> --descriptor_set_out=D:\ExampleProject\Example.pb
> We want to read this file and create FileDescriptorSet object in C#. But 
> both FileDescriptorSet and FileDescriptorProto are internal classes.
> Please let me know how to create FileDescriptor object from 
> this Example.pb file. 
> Note: We want to use C#.
> Thanks & Regards
> Raghu

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