I am using protobufs on an ARM processor running Ubuntu Linux.  Everything 
seems to be working, except some integers are being padded with an extra 
byte in LSW.

Take for example the raw message 0x10 0x01 0x48 0x32

I'm passing an unsigned integer with a value of 50 decimal (0x32).  
Printing the raw data on both sides (the other side is RedHat on Intel) 
shows that the message matches up.  However, when I call the method to get 
the data from the proto message, it comes back as 0x32 0x00 (12800 

Anyone have an idea as to what is going on?  This happens with multiple 

Background -  I obtained the protobuf source from github and cross compiled 
for the ARM.  As I said, there doesn't seem to be any problems other than 
the integers.  If the integer is large enough that it uses all 32 bits, it 
works OK.)


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