Our platform generates/processes different types of proto3 messages with 
Kafka as buffer. We currently store this type as part of the Kafka message 
key so message consumers know which class to use for de-serialization.

I want to add the type to the serialized message in order to not rely on 
the existence of a separate key. I thought about creating a wrapper message 
like this:

message Header {
  enum PayloadType {
    TYPE_ONE = 1;
    TYPE_TWO = 2;

  int64 tmst = 1;
  string message_id = 2;
  string producer_id = 3;
  PayloadType payload_type = 4;

// Any payload.
message MessageWrapper {
  Header header = 1;
  Any payload = 2;

or alternatively:

// List different payload options.
message MessageWrapper {
  Header header = 1;
  oneof payload {
    PayloadTypeOne payload_type_one = 2;
    PayloadTypeTwo payload_type_two = 3;

My question: Is one of the two alternatives to be preferred?

Using Any leads to more complex setting/getting in the application code but 
it is more generic from the message definition point of view. Dropping the 
Header.PayloadType field in the definition using Any would allow me to not 
modify the MessageWrapper definition at all when adding new payload types.


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