Check out the protobuf schema evolution rules, you may find it's actually 
simpler with protobuf and don't have to keep track of writer schemas like 
in Avro:

Corresponding to Avro GenericRecord you would use protobuf DynamicMessage

It's not documented very prominently, but you can use protobuf dynamically 
(no codegen). Schemas can be constructed at runtime, although the API can 
get confusing. And from schemas you can construct DynamicMessages. I wrote 
a wrapper to help make that a bit easier:

On Friday, May 6, 2016 at 5:00:26 PM UTC-7, Vinicius Carvalho wrote:
> Hi there, does protobuf has an equivalent of Avro's 
> checkReaderWriterCompatibility? Can I check if two .proto files would allow 
> match between versions?
> Also, Avro has GenericRecord as a container object to read any data in a 
> map like style, does protobuf has something similar?
> Regards

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