I have a example message structure define as follows 

message A {
        required string cmd = 1;
        optional MessageType1 message_type1 = 2;
        optional MessageType2 message_type2 = 3;
        optional MessageType3 message_typeN = N

message MessageType1 {

    optional dog d = 1;
    optional string msg = 2;

    message dog {
        optional bool isAnimal = 1;

Constructing the message by setting the "cmd" field and "message_type1" 

cmd = "Hello"

message_type1 {
    d {
           isAnimal : false
    msg: "Dog"

The protocol buffer serialization for the above message is proper until the 
bool field value "isAnimal". Post the field name "isAnimal" data is 
corrupted , which means the "msg" field value is not encoded with the 
proper key . What i am observing is , the key value is encodes as zero post 
the "isAnimal" field name . 

Note:  If i set the "isAnimal" field value to true , everything works as 
expected .

Please suggest me to come out of this problem .

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