last few weeks I am using ProtoBuf together with MQTT and sqlite to control 
lab experiments and make logs of. Overall I am very satisfied, using 
C/nanopb (without malloc), original C++ implementation (dynamic compilation 
of .protos is great), Python and Julia (ProtoBuf.jl). ** Many thanks here 
for nanopb & ProtoBuf.jl authors! **

The last one is, at present time, unable to parse some messages, and I 
would like to resolve, whether they are encoded well, or not, ie. where to 
put bugreports/own development efforts.

Example: I have the following .proto:

message DoubleVector {
  repeated double v = 1;

Some encoding libs (e.g. Python, Julia ProtoBuf.jl) encodes one value as 
{0x09, some_8_bytes}, more values by {0x09, first_8_bytes, 0x09, 
second_8_bytes, etc.}. It gets decoded by Python, Julia, C++ correctly.

However, nanopb (3rd party protobuf lib, ligthweight and in many respects 
very useful) generates something like this: {0x0a, 0x08, some_8_bytes}. It 
seems, that instead of encoding "single 8byte value", it encodes "string 
length 8 bytes".

What is interesting, all library decoders (except ProtoBuf.jl) decodes well 
both variants, 0x9 + payload, as well as 0xa, 0x8 + payload. Tested even 
with protoc --decode. Can you tell me, what applies:

a) both variants are correct (so, ProtoBuf.jl shall be corrected)

b) 0xa, 0x8 is a wrong way (although it works under several libraries and 
protoc --decode; so nanopb shall be corrected)

Is there any recommendation on how these repeated arrays shall be encoded? 
I tried to find the information at Google ProtoBuf website, but I have 
found only a very basic examples, not covering this in particular.

Many thanks,

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