1. During the loading phase, bring the google/protobuf into your WORKSPACE 
so you can refer to it as @com_github_google_protobuf later.  The bazel 
convention is to have fully qualified names, flattening special characters 
to underscore.

  name = "com_github_google_protobuf",
  remote = "https://github.com/google/protobuf.git";,
  tag = "v3.0.0",

2. During the analysis phase, load the function in your BUILD file by 
referring to the skylark bzl filename.  
    As the protobuf repo has a BUILD file in the root (which defines it as 
a "package"), you need to refer to the 
    bzl relative to the package name.  That's why you need the colon. 

# You can also alias the function to whatever you want with 'foo = 
load("@com_github_google_protobuf//:protobuf.bzl", "cc_proto_library")

# These are called "target pattern operators" IIRC
@ = names an external dependency that is loaded in WORKSPACE.
// = relative to the workspace root
: relative to package

3. Call it

 name = "alice", 
 srcs = ["alice.proto"], 

But then, where did the files go?  If it worked, they should be in $(bazel 
info bazel-genfiles)/protoa/alice.pb.h

I've been working on a set of rules for protobuf +/- gRPC 
at https://github.com/pubref/rules_protobuf.  Perhaps it will be of use to 

On Monday, July 18, 2016 at 11:25:45 AM UTC-6, JI Ioannidis wrote:
> What is the sequence of magic incantations to create a cc_proto_library 
> rule? I have tried copying protobuf.bzl from the protobuf repo to the root 
> of my workspace, as well as some (at least a year old) .bzl files 
> referenced in this group, to no avail.
> My end goal is to have a BUILD file such as 
> $ *cat protoa/BUILD*  
> cc_proto_library( 
>  name = "alice", 
>  srcs = ["alice.proto"], 
> )
> then type 
> $ *bazel build //protoa:alice*
> and have it create the right .pb.h and .pb.cc files
> FWIW, I have already installed bazel at sha 42d8290 (compiled, bazel 
> binary copied to ~/bin/) and built and installed protobuf at sha b99577c. 
> Thanks!
> /ji

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