Hello , 

Iv'e received a .proto file from a third party vendor which sends me 

The problem is that my end is written is C# and iv'e the file is written to 
target "proto2". 

As i understand it 
  1) to generate C# classes from a .proto file the file has to be written 
in a "proto3" syntax. 
  2) "proto2" and "proto3" are compatible when used as two ends of a wire 
protocol, i.e. 
              Sender uses classes generated from a "proto2" file . 
              Receiver (me in this case) uses classes generated from a 
"proto3" file. 

1) are these assumption correct ? 
2) If so is there any tool i can use to convert the "proto2" file iv'e been 
given to a "proto3" file so i can generate C# classes on my end ?  

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