Hello everyone,

I have generated the java classes from .proto file using the protoc.exe 
tool (latest version)

Proto syntax version is 2.

Original .proto file was generated from C# classes decorated with 
protobuf-net attributes.

The java snippet with error:

public  static final class Object extends
      com.google.protobuf.GeneratedMessageV3 implements
      ObjectOrBuilder {
    // Use Object.newBuilder() to construct.
    private Object(com.google.protobuf.GeneratedMessageV3.Builder<?> 
builder) {
    private Object() {

    public final com.google.protobuf.UnknownFieldSet
    getUnknownFields() {
      return this.unknownFields;
    private Object(
        com.google.protobuf.CodedInputStream input,
        com.google.protobuf.ExtensionRegistryLite extensionRegistry)
        throws com.google.protobuf.InvalidProtocolBufferException {
      int mutable_bitField0_ = 0;
      int mutable_bitField1_ = 0;
      int mutable_bitField2_ = 0;
      int mutable_bitField3_ = 0;
      com.google.protobuf.UnknownFieldSet.Builder unknownFields =
      try {
        boolean done = false;
        while (!done) {
          int tag = input.readTag();
          switch (tag) {
*case 2147793578*: {
subBuilder = null;
              if (((bitField1_ & 0x00004000) == 0x00004000)) {
                subBuilder = repositoryDto_.toBuilder();
              repositoryDto_ = 
              if (subBuilder != null) {
                repositoryDto_ = subBuilder.buildPartial();
              bitField1_ |= 0x00004000;


The compiler error :
Error:(78400, 18) java: integer number too large: 2147793578

For the same .proto file were generated c++ classes that are successfully 

Have anyone ideas how to fix this problem?

Denis Vlah

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