I'm developing a golang server that will receive json in the following 
format. I can't work out how to write the description of this in a proto 
file and am hoping someone could help me! Thanks a lot in advance. 

    "key1": "asdfwefa",
    "key2": 13431,
    "key3": [

The problem is the double array and the fact that the strings inside the 
array don't have named keys. I want to use something like following, but 
I'm not sure if there's a way to do this:

message MyObject {
    string key1 = 1;
    int32 key2 = 2;
    repeated Key3 key3 = 3;

message Key3 {
    repeated ...???...

Please note:
- I'm using proto3 syntax in my application in case that's important 
- I can't modify the json format before it hits my golang server. However I 
could modify it when it arrives (somehow? perhaps marshal to a golang 
struct first, or modify the text string somehow - any easy solutions would 
be appreciated?) and then marshal it using the golang jsonpb package.

Thanks for any help


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