Hello guys,

I have been checking protobuf for quite a while now and although it meets 
most of the requirements for a project of mine there is something that I 
have not been able to figure out. How do I modify the protobuf (java) 
compiler such that every field in a message builder class also has a method 
to add a listener object in order to receive notifications when its values 
are modified.

The idea is to use a Message.builder not only as a way to construct a 
message but as a model of my system. I would keep an Message.builder 
instance at both client and server and send messages to one another to 
synchronize them. Therefore I am interested in knowing when does the state 
of this builder changes in order to react accordingly.

I have checked the protobuf compiler and it should be pretty simple to add 
a setObserver() function into the message.builder itself and a call to this 
function on the setter of each field. The problem is that if I get a 
message and I call mergeFrom() then the setters are not called directly but 
the reflection api is used to decode and set the required values, thus 
bipassing the setter of the modified fields.

My questions is then, how could I modify the protobuf (java) compiler such 
that whenever a field value changes and an observer was set, the observer 
function will be called?

Any ideas and/or feedback is much appreciated :)    

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