Hello guys,

I am searching for something like checkstyle 
<http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/>for protobuf.

I have a maven project with proto files, and I want to have following 

- Indentation check. One of {4 spaces | 2 spaces | tab character} should be 
used for indentation.
- Name checks. For message, enum, service, field, enum constant - check 
name using a regular expression.
- Required fields check. Required field modifier should not be allowed.
- Curly braces check. Opening brace should be on the same line with type 
declaration, closing brace should be on a new line.
- Imports check. Imports should be sorted, public imports should be in a 
separate block (separated by an empty line).
- Comments check. Only line comments (//) should be allowed.

Is there any existing tool that can do these checks? I tried to find 
something, but I did not succeed.

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