I defined a simple bytes message below
message MfStream {
  bytes message=1;

and run a test below, in which I use for a loop to keep 
serialize/deserialize the bytes message.

char buf[1024];
int tmp = 1;
MfStream testMsg;
testMsg.set_message(&tmp, sizeof(tmp));
for (int i=0; i<5; i++) {
    int size = testMsg.ByteSize();
    testMsg.SerializeToArray(buf, sizeof(buf));
    cout << "i=" << i << ", size=" << size << endl;
    testMsg.set_message(buf, size);

The results below shows that the message size keeps increasing by 2 every 
loop. Why? How should I serialize/deserialize bytes data?

i=0, size=6
i=1, size=8
i=2, size=10
i=3, size=12
i=4, size=14

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