I'm completely new to Protobufs and I'm unsure of why my generated class is 
unable to find several namespaces in Visual Studio. First, here is my 
.proto file:

syntax = "proto3";package PROTOTEST;

message FilePath{
   string path = 1;
   float real_time_multiple = 2;}

when I run the protoc compiler for C#, it generates a FilePath class. 
However, the class is unable to find the Google.Protobuf.Collections and 
Google.Protobuf.Reflection namespaces. What am I doing wrong? I copied over 
the Google.Protobuf project into my personal project and added the xproj 
file to my existing solution before running the protoc compiler so I'm 
unsure whey it can't find it. It seems like the tutorial doesn't explicitly 
explain how to add the Google.Protobuf source to an existing project. What 
is the proper way to include Google.Protobuf to an existing project? 

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