I was using protoc version 2.5 and wanted to update to protoc version 
3.2.0. I cloned the source code from git and successfully compiled it. The 
command protoc --version gives and output libprotoc 3.2.0. 
When I want to compile it in QtCreater it gives following error:

Unrecognized syntax identifier "proto3". This parser only recognizes 

I compile the proto file manualy i.e.:

protoc --cpp_out=/path/to/project --proto_path=/path/to/project 

It generates header and source files, protocol.pb.h and protocol.pb.c, then 
if I compile them with Build Project button in Qt, it gives following error:

protocol.pb.o: In function `protobuf_AssignDescriptors':
/path/to/project/../../TCPServer/protocol.pb.cc:91: undefined reference to 
`google::protobuf::internal::AssignDescriptors(std::string const&, 
google::protobuf::internal::MigrationSchema const*, 
google::protobuf::Message const* const*, unsigned int const*, 
google::protobuf::MessageFactory*, google::protobuf::Metadata*, 
google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor const**, 
google::protobuf::ServiceDescriptor const**)'
protocol.pb.o: In function `protobuf_RegisterTypes':
/path/to/project/../../TCPServer/protocol.pb.cc:102: undefined reference to 
const*, int)'
protocol.pb.o: In function 
/path/to/project/../../TCPServer/protocol.pb.cc:121: undefined reference to 
.....//some other errors

What is the problem? How can I solve it?


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