The above compilation error is clear that ANT is being used for the 
compilation internally , this is called from Maven. But there are 
compatible issues between the Maven 3.X and Ant as both does the same Job 
in the compilation. It is clear from the Spec of the Google Protocol that 
predefinition of the data sets along with the Numbers is done with that of 
the . Proto with the Package and the Outer class defined , even after 
following the same steps that are given in the Site , getting the a above 
error , this is nothing but the .java converted .Proto type will use the 
Object definition with Getter and Setter definitions defined , this close 
to the JAX-B Spec where XML to Java and Java to XMl conversion is done . in 
the Proto it is definition of the payload that is being done, can someone 
look in to the issue and provide a solution so that we move ahead with the 
POC. One more question is that where does the compiled .Proto resides on 
the Heap or on the PermGen … If on the PermGen what is the way to ensure 
that out of memory will not occur , this better suites the Java 9 , as 
PermGen is replaced Metaspace.

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