Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build Protobuf with Minwg from MSYS2 as specified in 
documentation (C++ Installation - Windows). Everything goes perfect and all 
libraries are created.

The problem comes trying to compile and test the "addressbook" sample in 
Qt/C++. After generating the .pb.cc and .pb.h, I add this to my .pro file 
inside my Qt project:

*# Google Protocol Buffers libraryINCLUDEPATH += 
"C:\\protobuf\\install\\include"LIBS += -L"C:\\protobuf\\install\\lib" 

A lot of "undefined reference" errors (almost 200 errors) are shown and I 
am not able to make it work:

*C:\Qt Developments\MyProject\protoFolder\addressbook.pb.cc:86: error: 
undefined reference to 
`google::protobuf::internal::AssignDescriptors(std::string const&, 
google::protobuf::internal::MigrationSchema const*, 
google::protobuf::Message const* const*, unsigned int const*, 
google::protobuf::MessageFactory*, google::protobuf::Metadata*, 
google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor const**, 
google::protobuf::ServiceDescriptor const**)'C:\Qt 
Developments\MyProject\protoFolder\addressbook.pb.cc:97: error: undefined 
reference to 
const*, int)'C:\Qt 
Developments\MyProject\protoFolder\addressbook.pb.cc:112: error: undefined 
reference to `google::protobuf::internal::VerifyVersion(int, int, char 
const*)'And so on...*

Has anyone ever come across this error? Same proccess, same project, tested 
in a Fedora machine... it works like a charm! But I have to make it work on 
Windows :(

Thanks in advance for your help.


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