My host platform is an Ubuntu Linux box where the protoc compiler will run 
to generate the C++ code that will be cross compiled to run on the uClinux 


On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 2:56:04 PM UTC-5, Doug Lewis wrote:
> I've been tasked with seeing if we can use protobuf on ucLinux (micro c 
> Linux).  We had previously been using an embedded version of Debian Linux 
> and we had protobuf working very well on it.
> The specific issue I am having is as I'm building the protobuf code I get 
> this compile error:
> google/protobuf/compiler/ error: 'fork' was not declared 
> in this scope
> ucLinux does not support 'fork' but it does have 'vfork'.  I do not relish 
> the idea of modifying the protobuf source code to change any 'fork' calls 
> to 'vfork' and was wondering if anyone else has "ported" protobuf to 
> ucLinux.
> Thanks,
> Doug

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