Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find the right Java APIs to do what protoc --decode_raw and 
protoc --decode do.
Essentially handling two cases:
1) When I don't have the proto, and only the raw protobuf msg.
eg protoc --decode_raw < rawmsg.bin

1: "rohan"
2 {
    1: "13"
    2: "08"
    3: "94"

2) When I have the .proto(not the generated classes, neither the parsed 
eg protoc --decode some.pkg.name.Person $proto_file_path < rawmsg.bin

name: "rohan"
dob {
     dd: "13"
     mm: "08"
     yy: "94"

I did dig google groups.

>From those the hints I've got is
For case 1) Using CodedInputStream write my own parser? parsing bytes by 
making informed guesses.


For case 2) well nothing. Everything I got assumed I have 
FileDescriptorProto for my .proto or instance of my message type.

Are there any add-on libraries present to handle these scenarios?
Or any logic to go about solving them?


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