I am trying to build and run a project using protobuf-lite, my library (
libMaster.so) links to another library (libpulsar.so).
    *Scenario 1 -* both libraries use protobuf classes.
    libpulsar.so includes static library libprotobuf-lite.a but is built 
with -fvisibility=hidden hence  libMaster.so also needs to statically 
include libprotobuf-lite.a
    Project is built but during run time I get an error
    protobuf::internal::GetEmptyStringAlreadyInited(): Assertion 
`empty_string_ != __null' failed

    *Scenario 2 - *
    I pushed all protobuf related code to libpulsar.so, hence *only* this 
library includes static library libprotobuf-lite.a, libMaster.so doesn't 
include libprotobuf-lite.a. code runs fine during run time.

    I don't understand why Scenario 1 fails but Scenario 2 passes. Is there 
some restriction that the static library can't be included twice.


PS: I am restricted to use libprotobuf-lite.a and can't use the shared 

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