i need to compile the google protocol buffer library for a QNX Target. 
Because I have no QNX Software Developement Platform license so far I am 
not able to utilize the GNU autotools. I only got the dsmake.exe that comes 
with a dSPACE installation. With this it is possible to compile plain C/C++ 
sources for the QNX target.

Actually I do not need the compiler, only some basic functions from 
protobuf.lib/protobuf.a. So i just have to generate protobuf.a. Looking 
into protobuf.lib generated with MSVC I can see the .obj files it is made 

Now i wonder: Using the corresponding .cc and .h files of the .obj files 
(from the protobuf --> src folder), is there anything wrong with utilizing 
dsmake.exe to generate protobuf.a from the sources directly?

Best Regards
Jürgen Hödl

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