Hi guys,

I want to use protobufs on c++ for directly serializing some server 
requests into data objects. However, these requests share some common 
fields (eg: ts, auth-key, so on) - let's call them CommonParams

I will have multiple requests, eg: CreateAccountRequest, 
ReadAccountRequest, DeleteAccountRequest, which will all share the above 
common fields plus more.

Is there a way to merge a CommonParams's fields into a 
CreateAccountRequest, ReadAccountRequest? I also want the params to be on 
top level of the serialized JSON so no custom field of type CommonParams.

The only way I found was to serialize the CommonParams message and then to 
parse a new *Request message by parsing that serialized CommonParams. Of 
course, this means duplicating the CommonParams's fields into all of the 
*Request messages.

Any thoughts?

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