Hey all; I've been doing some work with protobuf-net lately to bring it up 
to date with proto3, "timestamp", and all those things. As part of that, 
I've been reworking my entire code-gen pipeline, with the result that I 
accidentally wrote an interactive online editor while I was avoiding 
writing "msbuild" tooling support.

So; if it is any use to anyone, this site works (at least, it does 
today): https://protogen.marcgravell.com/

Current features / restrictions:

- supports protobuf-net's custom parser / generator, or any of the inbuilt 
"protoc" 3.3.0 languages
- single file in, single file out only (I need to switch to a tabbed 
editor, I think)
- import is disabled (I was nervous about abusing "import" to access system 
- syntax highlighting for warnings and errors (don't get the full token via 
"protoc" currently, but... meh)

It will continue to evolve, but any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated.

I'm also OK with adding any well-known 3rd party plugins as long as they 
use the protoc plugin API and run on Windows; theoretically I *could* move 
the server to linux (it is asp.net core), but I haven't tested that!


Marc (protobuf-net)

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