On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 11:18:30 AM UTC-7, Alex TS wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm quite new to Protocol Buffers and don't really have a background on 
> the theme, so pardon me if this sounds absurd or if this is not the right 
> forum.
> With that out of the way, if I'd like to transfer say, a method, from the 
> server to execute on the client. Is that possible at all using the `bytes` 
> type or something similar?
> The issue being that in an ideal world I'd like to run a method on the 
> server with the arguments provided by the client and get it back resolved 
> for injection.
> As a silly example, something like this, in JS:
> *ServiceX*
> const privateMethod = (x) => x * x
> const publicMethod = (elementId, y) => document.getElementById(elementId).
> innerHTML(privateMethod(y))
> *ClientY*
> server.publicMethod("root", 3)
> Is it possible to transfer the `publicMethod` itself from the server for a 
> later execution triggered by the client and having the side effects also on 
> the client? My idea here being basically to be able to create an 
> application in one service in an isolated way and inject it on another 
> service that doesn't have to know any details of its implementation details.
> Thanks for your help!

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