Reading through the source, it does seem like when Compare hits UnpackAny, 
that 'GetDescriptor' check should avoid the fatal check. However, I'm 
looking at source from a contemporary git pull, and the version in my 
software may be an older one, if this is a recent change.

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 5:06:37 PM UTC-4, Alex Shaver wrote:
> When I have a list of "Any"s, and I want to find if an element in the list 
> matches some other 'Any' protobuf, I try to use the 
> util::MessageDifferencer::Equals and I get errors "Comparison between two 
> messages with different descriptors." I've tried a 
> message1.GetDescriptor() == message2.GetDescriptor && MessageDifferencer.
> Equals(message1, message2)
> combination, to hopefully head that off, but I still get the same error, 
> presumably because the descriptor is getting Any's descriptor, and not the 
> descriptor of the internal message it contains.
> Is there a way to actually make this comparison work? It seems like the 
> Equals comparison should have a specific carveout for the 'Any' case to 
> begin with.

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